Venture Capital in Focus

Crowds do as good a job as experts at picking winners, expanding the number of projects that have a chance of success


fearsome face
A new study focuses on the far-reaching effects of customer-initiated aggression on employees who witness the abuse


Is high-frequency trading the most evil finance scheme ever conceived? Ryan Riordan crunches some hard-to-access data and comes away with a reassuring tale


Blending analytics and intuition for marketing success
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Bringing broadband to rural and Northern Canada boosts economic fortunes in small communities at the expense of urban centres


Multicultural teams are particularly vulnerable to misunderstandings and distrust. A new Master of International Business course will show how to draw out inspiration from diversity

Social Impact

Dire headlines don't tell the whole story. Innovative entrepreneurial models — fuelled by social finance — are starting to take root, with Aboriginal youth leading the way

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