Venture Capital in Focus

Crowds do as good a job as experts at picking winners, expanding the number of projects that have a chance of success

“Even with our most vehement opponents, we generally agree with final outcomes,” says Suncor’s Peter MacConnachie. “Disagreement is more on timing or pace or sequence.”


yelling workers
Abuse at work or home spills over into other environments and can affect future career and romantic success


Is high-frequency trading the most evil finance scheme ever conceived? Ryan Riordan crunches some hard-to-access data and comes away with a reassuring tale


Blending analytics and intuition for marketing success
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Bringing broadband to rural and Northern Canada boosts economic fortunes in small communities at the expense of urban centres


Multicultural teams are particularly vulnerable to misunderstandings and distrust. A new Master of International Business course will show how to draw out inspiration from diversity

Social Impact

Start by not taking arts-based enterprises or lush natural surroundings for granted


Australia parlayed political good fortune and heavy-duty collaboration into a national healthcare strategy. Canada, take note

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